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2019 Off Season Points Program

Each athletes who wishes to gain access to our 8th period, will be required to earn a minimum number of points by July 10.  Athletes gain points by attending clinics, taking individual lessons and by playing in tournaments.  Each of these activities has a a specific point value (point values can be found in the attached document).  Other tennis activities (tennis camps, etc) can earn points but they will be a case-by-base decision.  For such occasions, notify me one week in advance of the activity (including a brief description) and I will respond with number of points earned for it (I will not award points after the event has occurred).  


Also please note the attached document includes a calendar.  All points-earning activities must be noted on the days on the calendar in which they occurred and initialed by a person in a position of authority at that activity (ie: coach, tourney director, etc) (not the athletes's parent).  If this documentation is missing, then the athlete will not earn points for that activity.    


The number of points that all new-comers must earn is 25.  The due date for all documentation is July 10.  All athletes who are participating should snap a picture of their calendars (and other necessary documentation) and email it to me by midnight on July 10.  No late paperwork will be accepted.   I must have it by this date because all VHHS student schedules are created on July 12.  If an athlete does not meet the requirements, I must notify the councilors prior to July 12.


So, if your son is willing to earn these points to gain an early entry into 8th period, please reply to this email as soon as possible to let me know.  That way I may go ahead & notify councilors to include 8th period tennis in your son's schedule.  This will cause minimal disruption if I need to change schedules for those who do not meet the requirements.


Thanks for taking the time to read & understand this long email.  If you have further questions, feel free to reply.  I look forward to seeing your boys in the fall whether or not they choose to participate in this program.  Again, please notify me by clicking here as soon as possible if your son will participate!




Coach Nathan Miles






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