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2021-2022 Sponsorships Options


 Sponsor Locations 

Note: Pictures are mock ups & do not represent current sponsorships


Gym Transoms (45" x 36" Window Perforation)

Gym Concession 


Gym Columns (sizes vary slightly)


Football Front Fence: (68" x 60" banner facing parking lot/carpool route)


Football Ticket Booth: (96" x 48" sign and frame facing parking lot/carpool route)

 Football Field Parking Lot Fence (68" x 60" sign on raised fence facing stadium)



Football Field Side Fence (120" x 60" sign above right of walkway to home stands)


Football Field around track (120" x 40") 

Softball Field Fence (120" x 60" sign facing roadway)


Tennis (56" x 100" approximately)