If you would like to support Rebel Athletics, please contact our Athletic Director for sponsorship agreements. Pricing and package information for each type of sponsorship can be found by clicking the links below.  

2020 Sponsorships


VHAA Sponsorship Options & Agreement


Sponsorship Payment Link


 Sponsor Locations 

Note: Pictures are mock ups & do not represent current sponsorships


Gym Transoms (45" x 36" Window Perforation)

Gym Concession 


Gym Columns (sizes vary slightly)


Football Front Fence: (68" x 60" banner facing parking lot/carpool route)


Football Ticket Booth: (96" x 48" sign and frame facing parking lot/carpool route)

 Football Field Parking Lot Fence (68" x 60" sign on raised fence facing stadium)



Football Field Side Fence (120" x 60" sign above right of walkway to home stands)


Football Field around track 

Softball Field Fence (120" x 60" sign facing roadway)


Tennis (56" x 100" approximately)